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While you concentrate on trucking, our focus is on providing trucking insurance. At Northernlines, we recognize that each business has its own specific needs. Regardless of whether you’re an owner-operator or in charge of a significant fleet, we take the time to familiarize ourselves with your business in order to offer you the appropriate coverage.

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Physical Damage Coverage

This coverage is optional and covers damages to the insured truck caused by a collision, theft, fire, vandalism, or weather events such as hail or wind. It includes collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and fire and theft with combined additional coverage.

Liability Coverage

This coverage is mandatory in most states and covers damages and injuries caused by the driver of the insured truck to other people and their property. It includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and environmental liability for pollution caused by the truck.

General Liability Coverage

This coverage is for that have their own premises, such as a terminal or warehouse. It covers general liability risks, such as slip and fall accidents or property damage caused by the company’s operations.



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Cargo Coverage

This coverage is optional and covers loss or damage to the goods or cargo being transported by the insured truck. It includes specific coverage for commodities such as refrigerated or hazardous materials.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

This coverage is for trucking companies with employees and benefits employees injured on the job.




Trailer Interchange Coverage

This coverage is for that exchange trailers with other companies. It provides coverage for physical damage to the trailer while it is being used by the insured trucking company.

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Max A. Webb
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They accepted my claim without wasting too much time. Something rare to find these days.
Bill Daly
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My small business works with Rudy here. It's a pleasure. He's always honest and answers all my queries.
Maureen Gordon
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Not only do they offer competitive reports, but they are nice people that give you good service. This honest company is the place to go for your insurance needs.
Bob Andonino
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Mr. Howard is a true gem to work with. He's professional, honest, and beyond competent.
Raiyan Shaik
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After a bad experience with getting my claim rejected, I’d lost hope in working with insurance companies. However, Northernlines was delightful right from the start with its ease of application and friendly staff who tried their best to understand my problems.
Devin Cullimore
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Rudy has been awesome to work with. He Always keeps us in the loop through his updates.