Insurance shopping made Swift, Transparent, and Precise.

As an independent insurance agency, Northernlines doesn’t try to lead you to any partnered insurance companies or their products. Instead, we serve one purpose: to bring you the best-priced insurance policies that don’t just cover you on paper but also have you covered off it.

Buying insurance is not a choice. Which insurance you buy is.

Whether you’re seeking coverage for your small business, home, auto, or trucking insurance, we offer comprehensive insurance options that are customizable as per your unique needs. We can show you multiple quotes at once from top-ranking regional companies, instantly!

Northernlines is licensed in 17 States in the USA

What we can do for you

Northernlines represents a carefully selected group of financially strong, reputable insurance companies. Hence you’re in good hands.

With us, you only pay for insurance you buy through the insurance carrier. We charge no fee for our quotes.

Our subsidiary, Northern Lines Insurance, specializes in coverage for trucking, auto companies, and independent contractors through several reputable insurance carriers. Therefore, we can also help you with various trucking-related issues, from DOT compliance to authority application and fuel tax reporting; we can do it all.

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We are Independent

An independent insurance agent sells insurance policies provided by several insurance carriers rather than just a single insurance company. An independent agent acts as a middleman connecting insurance buyers and sellers to facilitate a transaction between them.

For instance, when you want to buy a car, you likely won’t purchase the first one you see. Unless, one day, the automobile industry decided to make only one type of car and one model.

Then, you wouldn’t have a choice!

The same holds true for insurance. You need insurance for nearly every big purchase. But if only one insurance company offered only one type of insurance, you wouldn’t have a choice.

With an independent insurance agency like Northernlines, you have that much-needed choice. We have many independent agents specializing in their field of insurance. One of our many advantages is that our agents don’t just represent one insurance company; we have ties to many that try their best to satisfy your needs. However, the final decision is always yours.

An independent agent has several companies they can approach to get you the best coverage at the best price.

We have further optimized and automated this process through Straight Through Processing (STP). As a result, you no longer need an agent to get your ideal insurance unless you want one.

“Swift, Transparent, and Precise. That's akin to Northernlines.”